Scott OT #126: The Night Thread of How Mark Wahlberg was Almost Cast as Donnie Darko (9/16)

One of my very favorite movies is Donnie Darko and I got a chance to see it on the big screen yesterday. Watching it, I was reminded how mark Wahlberg was inexplicably sought out to play the titular character. Despite the fact that he was in his late twenties, the producers wanted him to play the 16-year-old Donnie (for reference, Jake Gyllenhaal was 19 when the movie was shot, much more believable).

(Mark Wahlberg (left) circa 2001, totally looks like a teenager)

He actually wanted the role too! However, things went sideways when Wahlberg insisted that Donnie should have a lisp (must have had this idea in the cryo chamber). This disagreement led to him being recast with Jake Gyllenhaal. And thank god too, it’s Gylenhaal’s second best performance.

(ain’t nothing topping this)

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.

(Also, I should add that the producers also sought Vince Vaughn for the role. However, Vaughn quickly turned down the role due to him realizing he was too damn old.)