Levi Coffin’s Forgetful Day Thread

Some time ago, I requested this Day Thread. Now, I don’t remember why.

So, what’s cool about today? *Checks newspaper* Canada stalls on trade pac…

Hey, it’s the Deathaversary of one of my favourite unsung historical figures,
Mr. Levi Coffin!

In addition to having an amazing name, Levi Coffin was a Quaker Abolitionist who was colloquially known as the President of the Underground Railroad. His Indiana home was known as the Grand Central Station of the clandestine route to escort fugitive slaves to Canada. He and his wife Catherine Coffin helped approximately three thousand slaves reach freedom north of the border.

They also visited wounded Civil war soldiers in the hospital every day, bringing supplies and helping with their care.

Coffin continued assisting freed slaves after the war, traveling through the U.S. and Europe and ultimately raising including raising $10,000 ($1.7 million in 2018 money) for Freedmen’s associations.

Levi died on this day in 1877, and his funeral was attended by more people than could fit in the church. Four of his eight pallbearers were former slaves who found freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Other Sept. 16th Trivia:

1985: The Montreal Protocol is signed, an international treaty to protect the ozone layer. It was agreed upon remarkably quickly and was actually effective.

1979: Two families escape from East Germany to West in a hot air balloon!

Notable birthdays:

  • Artist Jean Arp
  • Baseballist Tim Raines
  • Writer Hans Augusto Rey, co-creator (also with his wife) of Curious George!

Have a fun day, everyone.