Comic Book Review – Iceman #1

Written by Sina Grace

Drawn by Nathan Stockman

Previously in Iceman… Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, has a lot going on. From teaching young mutants at the Xavier Institute, to getting into the world of dating after years in the closet, Bobby is doing his best to have it all…

Bobby is in Hell’s Kitchen trying to get over his relationship with his ex-boyfriend. He is striking out at the dance clubs. He’s walking around when he sees a man firebomb one of the clubs. Bobby saves a woman surrounded by fire and puts the man on ice. While saving the woman, he finds a missing poster. The next day at the Xavier Institute, Bobby shows Kitty the missing poster and determine it’s a member of the Morlocks. Kitty is surprised by this because the Morlocks usually handle their own business and never ask for the outside world’s help. Bobby wants to find the missing Morlock and Kitty promises him a team of X-men to back him up.

Bobby is ready to start his search when he finds out the only assistance he is getting is help from the future X-man Bishop. Bishop explains that the rest of the X-men were called away by an unexpected emergency. Bishop and Bobby head to the sewers and run across a hurt Morlock floating in the water. They run and find 2 Morlocks being attacked a group of mutants. Bobby and Bishop intervene and discover these mutants are attacking the Morlocks because “the mutant population is better off without unsavory filth hiding in the shadows”.  The mutants retreat and Bishop and Bobby help the two Morlocks, Grimlock and Madin. Madin’s brother Ash is the missing Morlock on the poster Bobby found. Bobby and Bishop decide to help the Morlocks against these new mutant “Marauders”.

Bobby and Madin go after one group, while Grimlock and Bishop draw another group to an isolated garbage heap and surprise them.  The rest of the Morlocks back up Bishop and Grimlock, along with Iceman and Madin, and a battle ensues.  Some of the Marauders run away in retreat, while the others are captured. None of the captured Marauders give up any intel on Ash.  Iceman promises the Morlocks that he will be a better neighbor by checking on them from time to time and keep the search for Ash ongoing.

One of the Marauders goes back to their base of operations. He tells his boss that they failed in their mission to kill the Morlocks. The boss is disappointed because he would have liked their bodies to study. The Marauder tells his boss that they ran into resistance from Bishop and Iceman and how Iceman’s power set was the key to their defeat. The boss is now interested in Iceman as a specimen to study- he steps out of the shadows and is revealed to be Mister Sinister.

Back at the Xavier Institute, Bishop and Iceman give a full report on what transpired in the sewers to Kitty. Kitty tells Bobby that he has a visitor. Bobby, thinking it might be his ex-boyfriend or his parents, is shocked to see that its Emma Frost, the White Queen.

Iceman is back in his own solo adventures. I liked the team up of Iceman and Bishop because it reminded me of buddy cop action/comedy movies. Even Iceman acknowledges this at the end of the issue. The difference in personalities is a fun contrast; both have a chip on their shoulder, knowing they can be top tier X-men if only given the chance. It’s nice to see the tension between Bobby and Kitty, former flames that must put their differences aside for the common good. Lastly, I am intrigued to see what happens between Bobby and Emma in the next issue. They also have a shared history: Emma once took over the body of Bobby Drake in issue 314 of Uncanny X-Men.

Up Next – Guest-starring Emma Frost, the White Queen! When it comes to Bobby Drake and Emma, the White Queen has always held the upper hand. So what trouble is Emma in that has her pleading for his help?