Shoeless Trivia: Art

I was tempted to do something Florence-themed (maybe tomorrow), but for today let’s return to a popular category that has actually helped me some on Learned League.

  1. Swimming pools and naked men are common themes for what British artist? A Bigger Splash, seen below, illustrates the former.art8
  2. What is the three word French term for the act of painting outdoors, often favored by the Impressionists in order to better reflect natural light?
  3. What common male first name has been redacted from the image below, a 1964 work by Roy Lichtenstein?art9
  4. Seen below is the puckish logo for the hockey team of what famed New England art school whose alumni include Jenny Holzer, Gus Van Sant, and Dale Chihuly?art11
  5. The Google Doodle seen below was published in December of 2014 in honor of the 148th birthday of what Russian artist who is considered one of the first painters to produce purely abstract works?art10

  1. David Hockney
  2. en plein air
  3. Jeff
  4. Rhode Island School of Design
  5. Wassily Kandinsky


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.