The Best Album Cover Tournament: Round of 64

Welcome, Avocados, to the first round of the BEST ALBUM COVER Tournament!  Thanks to everyone for their nominations, we got a whole bunch of great ones!

There weren’t a whole lot of surprises for those who got the highest numbers, but some fairly unusual ones managed to slip in just over the cutoff.  Should be fun to see how this progresses!  The brackets are here, if you’re interested.


  • In most cases, I used the exact images that were nominated.  However, in some cases, the image was too small or distorted so I substituted in a new one.  If the substitution is not acceptable, let me know and I’ll swap it out with something else.
  • None of the NSFW covers nominated made it into the tournament, so that makes my job a bit easier!
  • The cutoff for the number of upvotes to make it into the tournament was 17.  If yours got 16 and you failed to upvote your own nomination, tough luck!  I told you to do it!

Reminder: The actual quality of the album itself is irrelevant!  This is a contest about how great the cover itself is!  Vote for the ones you like!  Vote for both if you like both, or neither if you like neither!  I’m not your supervisor!