1967 Snubby Awards: The Voting!

Welcome back, ladies and geraniums. As always, I am, sadly, not Cookie Monster, but Mr. Greene. However, me happy to take up linguistic quirks of beloved Monster-American if commentariat feel that needed.

So, that said, shall we survey what you fine folks picked out for your nominees in the 1967 Snubbies? Not only have you nominated the illustrious Sidney Poitier twice in the same category (albeit for different roles), but you also came out hard for Cool Hand Luke, and, in particular, one of its supporting actors, the late, beloved Harry Dean Stanton — you guys not only nominated him for Best Snubbed Supporting Actor, but you also pegged him twice in the new category Best Performance of a Non-Original Song in a Film! Truly, there are more fans of Paris, Texas here than we usually admit.

You also had possibly the biggest Avocado lovefest for The Jungle Book since the halcyon days of le Site Originelle, giving it the bulk of slots in Best Voicework, the most votes for a nominee by far in Best Snubbed Original Song, and — by default, it being the only nominee — giving it the coveted Best Snubbed Animated Feature award for 1967 (as such, you will not see that category run below, since you have already determined it).

Now, as certainly befits a September primary Wednesday, on to the voting! Remember, upvote as many films and performances as you feel are deserving; the top vote-getter in each category will get a gold statue of distinctive Australian-born silent film comic Snub Pollard, our awards’ namesake. Please do not suggest more films — the time for that was last week — or the next, when we groove on down to 1966!