The Contras: Stealing is Good

I was involved in a little petty theft as a kid, nothing serious and I never got caught.  But in retrospect I feel bad about it.  Then there’s my more recent theft for which I feel completely justified.  Let me paint a general picture without giving too much away.  I had a supplier who gave my company an iPad.  Now they couldn’t actually give it to us, it cost too  much and there are regulations in my industry against outright gifts that exceed certain dollar figures.  So it was “assigned” to my office for our use in selling their stuff.  In actuality I gave it to my wife (she knew where it was from, I didn’t pass it off as a birthday gift or anything) and she used it as a personal iPad.  We were supposed to load tracking software on to it so the supplier could monitor it, but my representative let it be known that it was a wink, wink, nod, nod thing to comply with the regs.

So about a year goes by and the company announces abruptly that it was going out of business, leaving me and my clients who were getting product from this company in a huge lurch.  Not only were they dissolving – they were really being a-hole’s about it.  My representative was on a conference call the same morning it was announced to me, and told him he would only get paid if he stuck around to manage all of us clients – and they were withholding paychecks until the end of the closing period to make sure they stayed.  Anyway, at this point they asked for their iPad back.  I told them I’d send it to them soon.  They sent me a FedEx package to mail it back.  I told them I was having trouble locating it.  They turned on the tracking software and asked me if I had loaded it.  “I was supposed to do that?”  I asked, “I’m not very tech savvy, I’m sorry.”  Anyway this went on for about two months and then they closed, so there was nobody there to ask for the iPad.  My wife watched Ozark on it last night.

Any similar stories?  Is there anything you’ve gotten both undeserved but totally justifiably?  Remember to keep these thefts petty, we’re not that anonymous.