The Best Album Cover: Nominations

Another tournament??  Eh, why not?

Post an image of your favorite album cover (along with the band and album name) in a top-level comment.  Upvote the ones you like (including your own; a nomination won’t count as a vote).  Singles and EPs are also valid!  Any music or speech in any language released on CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-track, digital download, or wax cylinder is eligible!

Reminder: The actual quality of the album itself is irrelevant!  This is a contest about how great the cover itself is!

Also, if you’re going to nominate something that’s fairly popular, please check to see whether it’s been nominated already by sorting between newest, oldest, and best.  Votes for reposted covers will not be counted!

Please upload the image to Disqus rather than posting a link so that remote server problems are not an issue.