Box Office: September 7-9

September’s the month when we start to see some interesting films after the usual dumping ground that August continues to be, which is still baffling since some films show you can open really big during it. While we aren’t quite to the prestige slate of films yet there are things that hit this month that can have some real legs and overperform expectations. Such is the case with The Nun, which opened to a $53.5 million debut in just under 3,900 screens in North America. Part of the larger horror line from Warner Bros. that are connected, it surpassed the opening record of The Conjuring which clocked in at $41.8 million a few years back. Warner Bros. is definitely loving this period as they’ve had the top spot for the past five weeks with three different films, all of which are doing strong numbers here and overseas with The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians.

Expectations for the film are at the $155 million range domestic when all is said and done as these tend to be a bit frontloaded, but the film also did $77 million overseas this weekend so it’s going to do very well in general. Ok, that’s an understatement. With a budget of $22 million before P&A, it’s going to do fantastic. Everything at this point is pretty close to pure profit.

The other new opener this weekend was Peppermint as Jennifer Garner goes back to her action roots and hit expectations with a $13 million take in just under 3,000 screens. It’s comparable to the John Wick franchise and is just behind what that opened with and with as little fanfare in general. It’s solid in CinemaScore with a “B+ and played heavier to women and the majority of it being 25 and over. Which means it should do well during weeknight showings with older post-work audiences as the kids just don’t seem to be aware of it. With a $25 million budget and STX just distributing, it should do well overall.

Quick notes: In its second week, Kin dropped 73% to bring in just 830,000. Ouch. Crazy Rich Asians banked a bit more with another $13.6 million to hold second place, bringing it to $136 million domestic. The Meg added another $11 million overseas in addition to the $6 million domestic and it’s about $9 million away from crossing the $500 million mark. That’s craziness. And Ant-Man and the Wasp added another 7 million overseas this weekend which combined with weekday takes brings it to $610 million worldwide. Here’s hoping for a big role in Avengers 4, little guy.

Hot watch: In limited release, Kusama Infinity opened in two locations this weekend and did $30,000. It’s an intriguing documentary piece on someone whose presence in the art world has long struggled to find a place and the journey is an engaging viewing experience.

Coming next week: Fox is banking on The Predator wi 3,900 screens to get the franchise moving again with Shane Black in charge. Lionsgate hits the thriller side that tends to populate September with A Simple Favor opening in 3,000 screens, while Studio 8 finds 2,400 screens for White Boy Rick. Pure Flix also drops a new film into the mix with Unbroken: Path to Redemption in 1,500 screens.

International Box Office:

# Title Intl Wknd Intl Cume Intl Terrs Dom
1 Nun, The $77,500,000 $77,500,000 WB 61 WB
2 Mission: Impossible – Fallout $38,600,000 $514,500,000 PAR 66 PAR
3 Crazy Rich Asians $5,600,000 $28,500,000 WB 24 WB
4 Meg, The $11,300,000 $360,400,000 WB 68 WB
5 Peppermint $1,400,000 $1,400,000 STX 18 STX
6 Searching $7,500,000 $17,700,000 SNY 9 SNY
7 Alpha $6,300,000 $27,500,000 SNY 42 SNY
8 Ant-Man And The Wasp $7,000,000 $395,400,000 DIS 17 DIS
9 Equalizer 2, The $6,500,000 $72,000,000 SNY 53 SNY
10 Incredibles 2 $5,700,000 $572,200,000 DIS 26 DIS
11 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation $5,800,000 $332,400,000 SNY 63 SNY
12 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again $5,900,000 $257,300,000 UNI 54 UNI
13 BlacKkKlansman $3,700,000 $22,100,000 UNI 23 FOC
14 Disney’s Christopher Robin $2,500,000 $51,200,000 DIS 28 DIS
15 Mile 22 $2,800,000 $18,500,000 STX 39 STX
16 Operation Finale 1 MGM
17 On Your Wedding Day $2,870,000 17,581,786 MGBX 1 INDP
18 Pele: Birth Of A Legend $2,560,000 $5,712,400 CNFC 1 IFC
19 Slender Man $1,700,000 $17,600,000 SNY 44 SNY
20 Spy Who Dumped Me, The $1,500,000 $30,100,000 LGF 69 LGF