Nothing Really Happened on This Day in History Thread (9/7)

This gif has nothing to do with the thread. I just like it. Nothing really cool happened on this day in history. Some things happened but nothing worth making a topic for.

Here is some stuff that happened.

  • 1813 United States nicknamed Uncle Sam.
  • 1776 World’s first submarine attack. Happened during the Revolutionary war.
  • 1977 Carter agrees to transfer Panama Canal to Panama.
  • 1940 The Blitz begins.

Some people born today.

Buddy Holly is born in 1936. Influential musician, died in a plane crash.

The voice of Marge Simpson, Julie Kavner is born.

Oh hey Micheal Emerson was born 1954 lets talk about him. michael-emerson

He is a great and under appreciated  actor best known for Ben Linus on Lost. Ben being one of the best character on the show. He also stared as Harold Finch in Person of Interest. He was also in the first Saw, but we don’t hold that against him.

No one else worth mentioning was born on this day.