So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle #5

Welcome back to So You Think You Can Think, the puzzle game show that isn’t a show and has no prizes so it’s basically just a puzzle. Time to go over the answers from last week. Pass your papers to the student next to you so they can mark the ones you got wrong.


  1. Wings + E = Ewings
  2. Solder + I = Soldier
  3. Ocean’s Eleven – E = Ocean’s Elven
  4. Goodnight Moon – O = Goodnight Mon
  5. AC/DC + I (x2) = Acidic
  6. The Annoying Orange – O = The Annoying Range
  7. Dr. No + A = Drano
  8. Kindergarten Cop + U = Kindergarten Coup
  9. Cold Snap + U = Could Snap
  10. Bored to Death – O = Bred to Death


Today’s puzzle (our fifth here at the ‘Cado) is called Take Five, and it’s definitely more clever than its title. Each clue features a list of ten words. Within each list are five words that can be linked to a “theme” that serves as the answer for each list. For example, if the list included Agent, Soda, Blood, Bowl, and Peel, the linking word could be Orange. (Agent Orange, Orange Soda, Blood Orange, Orange Bowl, and Orange Peel.)

As you can see, the linking word can go directly before OR after the word in the list. To make things tougher, you’re not just getting five words per list. You’re getting TEN! Half of them won’t link to the common word at all. It’s up to you to Take Five—eh? Eh?—which don’t match away, leaving only the words that link to the correct answer. What fun! Good luck!

Bullet, Canadian, Cotton, Culture, Distance, Escape, Fabric, Plate, Sandwich, Series

Hand, Helping, Judge, Life, Rate, Retreat, Seeing, Split, Table, Tie

Blood, Dressing, Heads, Jive, Poke, Smack, Swing, Tails, Trash, Turkey

Bland, Corner, Dodge, Element, Gem, Rolling, Shake, Skipping, Throw, Upon

Dare, Darling, Day, Daze, Dinner, Dirt, Dizzy, Dog, Duck, Dust

Bistro, Boat, Curved, Express, Fork, Pan, Red-eye, Rocket, Train, Wavy

Bank, Bowl, Brave, Flag, Flap, Free, Man, Pot, Union, Wed

Disturb, Fish, Fresh, Jar, Mint, Petroleum, Pump, Royal, Straight, Toilet

Ashes, Clone, Colonel, Executive, Gas, Greens, Plaster, Seed, Solid, Terminate

City, Country, Galaxy, Land, Planet, Run, Star, Sunshine, Underground, World