The Avocado

Welcome New Leader Beans

Hello out there in Avocadoland!

Please give an enormous welcome to our new Leader Beans (mods)!


Future Ex Mrs. Malcolm

The Duchess Approves



Dingdong sunshine

Cop on the Edge-ish

Forget it Jake


You read that right, there’s 7!


Drunk Napolean, Liz156, and MindyMoo have all decided to step back from modding due to increasing real world responsibilities.  We wanted to replace them and then add some more people. ( Mindy will be staying on as an admin on the Word Press end to help with computer-y things)


There were a LOT of people who threw their hat in to volunteer as moderators, and everyone had something to bring to the table, so it was a tough decision. It’s important to reiterate that this isn’t a popularity contest- we were trying to add some diversity to our all white mostly cis team, and also find some people who are around in the wee hours in the Americas.

Thanks to every brave soul who volunteered!

We ask your patience while the new mods take some time to learn the ropes. Concerns can, as always, be directed to the mod email.


(Thanks, Spiny)