The Atomic Betty Night Thread is Reporting for Duty

Maybe you’ve heard of Atomic Betty, and maybe you haven’t. In terms of pop culture in the United States, Betty had a fairly short run, airing on Cartoon Network for only about a year before it was pulled. This didn’t mean the show ended, however, as it continued to enjoy a fairly healthy life in Canada. However, the majority of its episodes didn’t air in the US until quite recently, when Betty and her space friends were made available on Starz (of course, if you don’t have premium cable, they’ve also come out officially on YouTube for free over the last few months).

betty 0111
Anyway, Betty was a high school student who was also an intergalactic crime fighter. I imagine the pitch must’ve been something along the lines of “It’s Kim Possible meets Star Trek!”, because that’s more or less how Atomic Betty plays. For me at least, Betty’s earth-bound life wasn’t especially interesting (there was a mean girl she had to deal with! And a boy who maybe kind of liked her!), but her superhero adventures were pure Saturday morning fun on coffee-fueled Powerpuff Girls steroids! Under the command of Admiral McGill (a talking goldfish), and accompanied by her loyal sidekicks X-5 and Sparky, Betty faced off against the evil Maximums and his dim-witted, split-personality prone henchman Minumus.

maximus 1
Pacing was crucial to Atomic Betty being such a blast. With each tale usually running around eleven minutes, everything moved extremely quickly, whether Betty was dealing with the everyday woes of being arrested and sent to space prison or battling diabolical clones of herself. Again, for me, the high school stuff didn’t quite measure up to the action-packed storylines (and sometimes subplots on Betty’s home planet could drag an otherwise cool episode down), and since this was a Cartoon Network from the mid 2000’s, that meant that farting occasionally saved the day.

evil bettys
But overall, I have almost nothing but fond feelings for Atomic Betty, which I enjoyed watching on weekend mornings before my family got up (it was on at around 7:00 in the morning where I lived). Here’s hoping she eventually finds the love she deserves, but in the meantime, we can all enjoy her kick-ass theme song.

betty o 1

Have a good night, everyone!