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Long-Form Political Discussion #4: Campaign Season

We’re on week #4 of our experimental post for high-quality (or at least, you know, medium-quality) political discussion, emphasizing longer posts with historical context, statistics, and fact-based evidence.

This week’s topic: Political Campaigns

Since we’re finishing up with primary season, I thought we’d put a spotlight on campaigning.

Two possible directions here:

  1. The 2018 election season: What are the races you’re most interested in? What are your favorite campaign-related news stories right now? What do you think the media is under- or over-covering?
  2. Campaigning in general: What do you think people don’t understand about campaigns that you wish they would? (Especially for those of you who have worked on them!) What works/what doesn’t work? How important are they relative to candidates or platforms?

Note: This is still a GIF/graphic/social media embed-free zone.