The Avocado

A Call for Leader Beans


Hello Avocados! Your friendly mod/Leader Bean team here!

We’ll get right to it: we’re looking to add some new mods. We’ve been planning this for awhile, and also the wonderful Drunk Napoleon has stepped down from his mod duties, and we’re very sorry to see him go!

The site keeps getting more and more active, and as we get over 10,000 posts a day, we’d like to make sure we have plenty of coverage. If you’re interested in becoming part of the mod team, please either comment here or email us at General mod duties are actively checking in on the mod chat we use (which is on Google Hangouts), checking and clearing the queue periodically, issuing warnings when needed, banning spambots, and generally trying to keep an eye on threads when you’re active and on the site. Here are some important things to note:

  1. As part of our efforts to make the community as inclusive as possible, we’d also like to reflect that in our moderator base – simply, we want to make sure the mods represent the community. We’ve got a pretty good split of people who identify as men and people who identify as women on the team now. BUT we’re all white and we’re all cis. We don’t want to make anyone feel like a token, but we would like to add more representation across the board. We want to be sure we aren’t missing major issues, microaggressions, and other things our current team just might be more blind to.
  2. We’d also like people across more time zones if possible, especially to cover the night threads.
  3. While it is a requirement to be able to check in on the mod chat (we discuss major changes like bans and site changes there and like to have input from everyone) we don’t expect you to be online or on call 24/7. No one is paid for this and we don’t expect you to treat it like a full time job.
  4. This may sound harsh, but don’t apply to be a mod if you know you’ll feel let down or insulted if we don’t end up asking you to come on board. This isn’t a popularity contest and it isn’t a statement about you if we decide to go with someone else!