Night Thread of BUB

for my first OT i thought i would honour one of the internet’s greatest and most inspiring citizens, Lil BUB.

bub was the runt of a litter of a feral cat. she was born with several genetic mutations, extreme feline dwarfism, and osteoperosis, and because of the amount of care she would need and her unusual appearance, she had a tough time being adopted, and would very likely have been euthanised if not for having been found by her now owner, mike. she is now extremely happy and healthy — at least, her version of healthy — and although her deformed legs and bone troubles mean her mobility is limited, she is “a fantastic waddler,” which might be my favourite sentence of all time.

she also has no teeth but does not allow that to hold her back.

not only is it delightful to see her idiosyncratic smile and the clear abundance of love between her and her owner: BUB is a real inspiration to her many admirers.

“We get dozens of messages a day about what an inspiration she is,” [her owner] said. “She shows that it’s better to be different, and people are always insecure about their differences, and Bub takes it all in stride. She turns it into her thing, and she’s awesome, and people love her for it.”

her owner is an advocate for animal care and no-kill shelters, and is handsome and has a beard.

i highly recommend following Lil BUB on social media. she also has a book!

have a good night thread, enjoy posting, and don’t forget to be the person your pets think you are.