I Am the Reason the Day Thread Dies

This is the 8th in a series of headers about my all-time favorite albums. Previous entries have included MadvillainyHomogenicThe Lonesome Crowded WestFuneral, My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyDonuts, and The Soft Bulletin.

spirit the're gone.jpg

I remember the day that I walked away from this empty flight
Cause the demons are really the ones when there’s nothing on
Words slip by when I’m silent I have to let so many people down
But the bell from the ice cream man comes to save the day

The winter comes, we do not wander, I belong
The chocolate shakes, the sun awakes, I play ping pong
The autumn clouds distort and crowd, you’d better go long
I pulled the glass it dripped too fast for second dawn

While it wasn’t released under the Animal Collective name, the first Animal Collective album is generally considered to be Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished, by founding members Avey Tare and Panda Bear. It’s an album unlike any other. It combines spots of aggressive noise with sparse, delicate soundscapes that call to mind things like Little Nemo in Slumberland and other classic children’s fantasy. This connection is supported by Avey Tare’s lyrics, which tell stories of all sides of childhood wonder, both the fantastic and the fearful. After all, fairy tales started out as horrific cautionary stories, not Disney-style happily ever after. It’s an album about reaching out for that eternally lost perspective of when you were younger, about recapturing the way you used to see the world.