Werewolves 69: A Nightmare on Werewolf Street – Day 4

For an emotional support cat, Piggles hadn’t been of much use lately.  Sure, she had done her best to rub up on everyone she could and there were some who appreciated her efforts, but it just wasn’t seeming to make much of a difference in this town.  Everyone just seemed so down and her meals had been so irregularly delivered as of late with one of her three families not even bothering anymore.  Plus she had this scar that couldn’t be accounted for from the other night.

All she wanted was her 16 hours a day and found a nice cozy spot to curl up in.  Maybe tomorrow will be better and she can find out why she hadn’t seen so many of her friends lately.  As she was settling in though, Lenny appeared to her in the distance.

“Aww, who’s the most precious kitty in all the world”

As he drew closer though, it became clear that it was not Lenny after all, but some grotesque man, heavily scarred from being burned, in a beat up old sweater.  He reached for a singed fedora and put it on.

“Why so scared, dear?  Don’t you wanna come play with Freddy.  I’ve got such delicious treats for you”

He produced a whole fish as if from nowhere which tempted her greatly, jingling it in front.

“C’mon.  It’s all yours if you come over and play with your Uncle Freddy”

Piggles recognized the evil in him however and hissed before darting under a nearby table.

“Aww, well if it’s a game you want”  Freddy rolls the hat down his arm “Then a game you get” and his body starts to transform into that of a large, snarling, dog.

Fearing for her life, Piggles ran as fast as she could, knocking over lamps and knick-knacks before as the dog chased behind chomping just behind her.  She only narrowly darted out through the doggy door, but the pursuing dog smacked hard into the door behind her.  Finally she was free.  But when she turned to look, she noticed that something was poking through the door, something clear and blue.  It was almost as if they were tendrils of water slithering out through the crack.

She darted up the tree, but she was trapped at the top at the the tendrils of water grew and started to engulf the tree beneath her, eating and twisting their way up.  She tried jumping to a higher branch but there was nothing as splashes of water nipped at her.  Her hind legs were slowly engulfed in that cold, wet feeling she hated so much, pulling her down sharply to the ground and her doom.

Clodia is DEAD.  They were Piggles the Cat, an Innocent Teenager

Danny may have put on the front of being a troubled kid, talking about how he had a traumatic childhood or how his dad was dead and dealing drugs to pick up some extra cash, but in actuality, he was the son of the well respected psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Loomis.  He hated his father though and liked to pretend he was dead ever since his mom and him had moved from Haddonfield.

The sight of Lenny or whoever the fuck he was’s body burning had really gotten to him and all he wanted to do was go to sleep and forget about it.  He made one last delivery and hung up his coat before walking upstairs.  As he got to his room, he sighed deeply and walked in, opening his closet to put away his stash when to his surprise he found the body of Charlie Newton hanging pale and lifelessly in his closet.  He rushed to check for a pulse, but couldn’t find one at all.

Scared for his life, he took off downstairs only to find nailed to the front door the decaying severed head of Jason Blossom staring right back at him.  He turned and booked it for his back door, running for the kitchen.  As he struggled with the locked door in the back, he turned to look for the keys, but instead he was met with a shovel driven right into the mouth, severing his head in two.

Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather is DEAD.  They were Jack Loomis, the Drug Dealer

Admirax is DEAD.  They were Charlotte “Charlie” Newton, ?

Cast List

1) Forget it Jake as Ann Veal
2) D. Goat as Dexter Goat – Innocent Teenager
3) The Hayes Code as Norville “Shaggy” Rogers
4) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather as Danny Torrance/Jack Loomis Drug Dealer
5) Clodia as Piggles the Cat – Innocent Teenager
6) InnDÈÉËÊĘƎƐɆЭÈÉËÊĘƎƐɆЭD as Lenny Wosniak/First Body of Freddy KruegerSpringwood Slasher
7) The God King Snugglewumps as Veronica Lodge/Nancy ThompsonTeenage Detective
8) Lindsay🦄DisasterLesbian as Jebf
9) Percival “Can Opener” Welth II as Himself
10) Sic Humor as Fritz
11) Hohopossum as hohoParkerpossum
12) Lamb Dance as Dippy Fresh – Innocent Teenager
13) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer as Hieronymus – Innocent Teenager
14) Soupcan1120 as Chad Kensington
15) Grumproro as Jennifer Simmons – Innocent Teenager
16) Dw as Anonymous – Jogger
17) Tara Reid’s Severed Robot Head as Mr. Jenkins – Herbalist
18) Admirax as Charlotte “Charlie” Newton


1) MacCrocodile
2) Candide
3) Klaatu Barada Doctor Nickto
4) Lovely Bones

Role List


8 1 Innocent Teenager
1 Babysitter – Can see who visits and who sneaks out at night of a specific house
1 Teenage Detective – Can only return results for the three working together or town
1 Drug Dealer – Can deal drugs needed to stay awake
1 Dream Warrior – Able to navigate the dream realm to fight the forces of evil and take out one evil-doer
1 Jogger – Increased life expectancy of approximately six years
1 Herbalist – Able to craft non-magical herbal remedies


2 1 Springwood Slasher – Can only be killed at night
3 Unknown Villains Working Together

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