Feed My Ego Day Thread 8/24

So I have now been here a year. Feed my ego! Feed it! Actually don’t. But yes you have now dealt with me for a year.

Hate him

Lets look at my first post ever.  “Hello I am a long time lurker at the AV Club and just as work changed the security rules so I could join and start commenting then they kinjaed. I would like to join if you nice people would let me. I can quote Simpsons season 1-8 and a good chunk of Futurama. Does that help me?”

It has all the hallmarks of a comment by me.

  • Its friendly
  • Shows neverousness
  • Says things no one cares about
  • Has me feel like I have to prove I should be allowed to be here

That is pretty much me.

Here are some of my favorite things since joining here.

  • The friendliness of the community.
  • The respect people have for each other.
  • The fact that I have learned so much here.
  • The fact I have made real connections.
  • The mental health thread in general.
  • How people don’t make like or mock mental health issues here.
  • The time me and another commentor did the entire Steamed hams bit but used Avocado memes.
  • The pop culture I would not have tired if it wasn’t recommended here.
  • The support I got from people about shitty my job was.
  • The Seattle meet up.

There is more but I would just be naming off things at that point and lets not do that.


Have fun posting today!