Werewolves 69: A Nightmare on Werewolf Street – Day 3

A totally bummed out Hieronymus headed home after school.  It had been a most heinous couple of days with all these death going on and he had barely a moment to think about any of the bodacious activities he normally got up to.  He had even gotten into a bogus argument with Jebf that left him feeling totally wacked out and eager to ride his board and forget his troubles.

He was kicking it down the street when he something suspicious following him.  He knew drugs were wack and that Wally Bear would want him to just say “NO!”, but one pill couldn’t hurt.  He acquired some of the totally illicit substance and swore he’d only take it if he couldn’t stay up using his own mighty willpower.

Hieronymus lay in bed reading up on the most radical skaters around when one of their faces briefly changed to that of a heavily disfigured man.  He jerked himself upright and downed the pill as quick as he could.  It gave him all sorts of energy and he just wanted to bounce off the walls.  Finally, growing tired of all this lameoid sitting in bed stuff, he jumped up to sneak out of the house.  As he opened his bedroom door, a shadowy silhouette emerged from the darkness wielding a pickaxe.

“Woah dude, where’d you get that resplendent weapon?”

The evildoer took a swing and hooked the weapon onto Hieronymus’s shell.

“That attack was most egregious dude, you need chill out like pronto”

Sensing that request was unlikely to be acquiesced to, Hieronymus took off looking at first for his weapons, which his mom had confiscated the day before for their potential to cause grievous bodily harm, and later for an escape route.  There was only one though, and he dove for the window breaking through it and seemingly ensuring escape.  Sadly, Hieronymus had gotten himself Pooh Bear’d and was stuck halfway out the window.

That was all that was needed for the dark figure to move over and take another swing, this time making sure to aim carefully and hit a nice fleshy bit.  Hieronymus’s movements and attempts to struggle free slowed to a stop as he bled out on to his bedroom floor and went limp.

April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer is DEAD.  They were Hieronymus, an Innocent Teenager

Cast List

1) Forget it Jake as Ann Veal
2) D. Goat as Dexter Goat – Innocent Teenager
3) The Hayes Code as Norville “Shaggy” Rogers
4) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather as Danny Torrance
5) Clodia as Piggles the Cat
7) The God King Snugglewumps as Veronica Lodge/Nancy ThompsonTeenage Detective
8) Lindsay🦄DisasterLesbian as Jebf
9) Percival “Can Opener” Welth II as Himself
10) Sic Humor as Fritz
11) Hohopossum as hohoParkerpossum
12) Lamb Dance as Dippy Fresh – Innocent Teenager
13) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer as Hieronymus – Innocent Teenager
14) Soupcan1120 as Chad Kensington
15) Grumproro as Jennifer Simmons – Innocent Teenager
16) Dw as Anonymous – Jogger
17) Tara Reid’s Severed Robot Head as Mr. Jenkins – Herbalist
18) Admirax as Charlotte “Charlie” Newton


1) MacCrocodile
2) Candide
3) Hohopossum
4) Klaatu Barada Doctor Nickto
5) Lovely Bones

Role List


8 4 Innocent Teenagers
1 Babysitter – Can see who visits and who sneaks out at night of a specific house
1 Teenage Detective – Can only return results for the three working together or town
1 Drug Dealer – Can deal drugs needed to stay awake
1 Mystery Role – Will be revealed on a later night
1 Jogger – Increased life expectancy of approximately six years
1 Herbalist – Able to craft non-magical herbal remedies


1 Unknown Slasher – Can only be killed at night
3 Unknown Villains Working Together

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5) Do Not Discuss Game Specifics With Other Players Outside of This Thread or on Shared QTs
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7) Post at Least 3 Times Per Day or You May Be Replaced
8) If You Have Questions That May Reveal Sensitive Information, Ask Them in Your Individual QT
9) Attack Arguments, Not People
10) Ape Shall Never Kill Ape