Sports Corner – August 22

The big news of the week?  Clearly, the renaming of the Cactus Bowl – a secondary FBS game also known as the Copper Bowl and the Insight Bowl – to the Cheez-It Bowl.  Winners will most likely be given a box of crackers – their choice of original or any of the several variants – but will not be allowed to sell them due to NCAA rules.  As a fan of Cheez-Its, if not the NCAA, I approve of the name, if not the rules.

Elsewhere –

  • Jose Urena classlessly plunked Ronald Acuna to stop the hot Braves slugger from hitting another leadoff homer.  Baseball responded by suspending the starting pitcher six whole games!  Urena responded by appealing the decision, showing that he hasn’t learned anything and isn’t likely to.  And Keith Hernandez defended Urena twice, losing my respect for him in the process.
  • How about that new helmet rule?
  • Another pro football player was suspended for six games for domestic abuse.  Wait…What was that? He was suspended for four games?  But I thought it was six games.
  • The US Open starts Monday.
  • The Nats throw in the towel.
  • We should know the fate of Urban Meyer later today.  I am betting he gets off the hook.
  • And the WNBA playoffs begin.

As ever, all topics welcome.