Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: Back to school edition!

Welcome to the very occasional Avocado education discussion*

It’s back to school time in the US.

Teachers from preschool on up to grad school are steeling themselves for another year of walking a fine line between good pedagogy, shit budgets, politics, and those darn  (k)ids!

Parents are wondering aloud on social media why they have to buy 3 dozen pencils/ a new computer device/ if their college kid really needs $300 for that book or if they’re just using it for beer.

Students are wondering if their teacher’s nice, who they’ll hang out with, if they can finagle money for beer, if they can break enough pencils to get out of doing a difficult assignment…if they and / or their friends will get murdered…

The secretary of education is wondering if ANOTHER one of her yachts may be stolen.

So, the usual!

Here’s a place to discuss all of that and also the more nebulous politics that surround education.

* Anytime anyone would like to open up a discussion about education, feel free.anytime.  Please use the category “Other” and the tag “dark Sarcasm in the classroom.”  so we can keep it organized.

This discussion is meant to INCLUDE people who are not teachers, children parents, or students. We’ve all been at least one at some point in our lives.

Be mindful of the usual Avocado rules and guidelines. Be respectful and be open to opinions that may not reflect your own.  Be minus, be plus. and always BE BEST.