Werewolves 69: A Nightmare on Werewolf Street – Day 1

Jennifer waved goodbye to her friends as they she walked up her driveway to her house.  The leaves were beginning to change and her junior year was getting off to a far better start than her sophomore year.  She had a cute boyfriend, some real friends unlike those backstabbing you know whats, and the grades to get into a better school than her dumb-ass brother.  She walked in the door to find her mom ironing with the TV on.  Jen didn’t care much what she was watching, it was always the local news, something about the body of a jogger being found in a nearby town.

Springwood was a quiet place and Jen liked it well enough, but she couldn’t wait to get out in a couple years.  She raced up the stairs and into to her room before flopping onto her bed.  She tried to call up Jason, but he didn’t pick up.  She started idly flipping through the latest issue of Seventeen before giving up and tossing it aside in favor of getting her homework out of the way.  She tried to call Jason again but he still didn’t answer which was so not like him.  She thought about heading over that night to check up on him, but her mom had been especially watchful of her sneaking out ever since that report of gangs of rapists she saw (probably in New York).

As she tucked herself into bed, she was a bit worried about Jason.  It just wasn’t like him to not contact her right after school.  Then again, she also knew he hadn’t played well in the last football game and his dad had been real upset about that.  Maybe that’s why.  He just wasn’t allowed to talk and tomorrow he’d give her a perfectly good explanation for why.  She nestled herself in content in her new explanation and closed her eyes peacefully.

As her eyes shut, Jen felt her slowly body rising from the bed or maybe it was the bed that was drifting away from her.  She felt a force pulling her up by her chest, but she couldn’t see a thing.  Her body was powerless to move, even to blink.  Her heart was racing a million miles per second.  As she finally approached the ceiling she saw but the glint of five steely fingers grasping for her and in an instant…

Jennifer’s body was found the next day.  There were no visible sign of forced entry but the room was covered in her blood.  She appeared to have been killed as a result of a the deep claw marks down the center of her chest, her eyes locked open in pure terror.  An APB was issued for her boyfriend Jason’s arrest as he had never come home from school.

Grumproro is DEAD.  They were Jennifer Simmons, an Innocent Teenager

Dw is DEAD.  They were an anonymous Jogger

Cast List

1) Forget it Jake as Ann Veal
2) D. Goat as Dexter Goat
3) The Hayes Code as Norville “Shaggy” Rogers
4) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather as Danny Torrance
5) Clodia as Piggles the Cat
7) The God King Snugglewumps as Veronica Lodge
8) Lindsay🦄DisasterLesbian as Jebf
9) Percival “Can Opener” Welth II as Himself
10) Sic Humor as Fritz
11) Admirax as Charlotte “Charlie” Newton
12) Lamb Dance as Dippy Fresh
13) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer as Hieronymus
14) Soupcan1120 as Chad Kensington
15) Grumproro as Jennifer Simmons – Innocent Teenager
16) Dw as Anonymous – Jogger


1) MacCrocodile
2) Candide
3) Hohopossum
4) Klaatu Barada Doctor Nickto
5) Lovely Bones
6) Sic Humor

Role List


7 6 Innocent Teenagers
1 Babysitter – Can see who visits and who sneaks out at night of a specific house
1 Teenage Detective – Can only return results for the three working together or town
1 Drug Dealer – Can deal drugs needed to stay awake
1 Mystery Role – Will be revealed on a later night
1 Jogger – Increased life expectancy of approximately six years


1 Unknown Slasher – Can only be killed at night
3 Unknown Villains Working Together

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5) Do Not Discuss Game Specifics With Other Players Outside of This Thread or on Shared QTs
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7) Post at Least 3 Times Per Day or You May Be Replaced
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9) Attack Arguments, Not People
10) Ape Shall Never Kill Ape