Job Rants Thread – 8/17/2018 – Birthday Cake Edition

Hey all, Happy Friday-

It’s our manager’s birthday this week and, in his honor, our Happy Hour menu is a piece of cake. Many pieces in fact; as the entire thing has been replaced with nothing but our regular dessert items at a majorly discounted price! This offer, (as well as the items themselves,) is set to expire soon, so get ’em while you can, mostly because they’ll be completely inedible in the next 12 hours!

Butter Pecan Ricotta slice – $8.50

Slightly tangy Vanilla Cream slice – $6.75

Chocolate Fudge n’ Mystery Dusting – $7.50

We Can’t Believe It’s Not Actually Lemon-Flavored! slice – $8.00

Super Xtra Frozen Ice Cream Mosaic (Warning: crunchy)- $6.50

Enjoy the festivities, and remember, its 5 o’clock, somewhere.