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Guidelines Addendum: Temporary Bans

This is your friendly neighborhood Leader Beans here to talk about an addendum to our policy on banning that we have been discussing among ourselves for quite some time.

Going forward we are going to be experimenting with the use of temporary bans rather than permanent ones. This is only going to happen when we feel like the member in question would be best served by this sort of treatment as opposed to totally banning the person. This will not be a set in stone policy, the mods will use it at our discretion, on a case by case basis, so yes a person could still end up taking three strikes and be banned. The minimum ban time for a temporary ban will be two weeks, it could be as long as a month (again, there will be a case by case consideration by the mod team). Once the ban is lifted the policy for the newly reinstated member will be one more strike, and they are out for good.

What does this mean for members that have been banned in the past? They can ask the mod team about having their bans converted into a temporary ban but we make NO promises to anyone about being reinstated.

If anybody has any questions or would like something clarified do not hesitate to ask us.

A few other notes and guidelines reminders will also be in a featured comment.