Game of Three (My Three Songs)

Name three songs (or albums) that have something in common. Replies are for guessing the link between the three.

The commonality can be anything: a shared lyric, the year of release, a featured musician, the producer or record label, or even some common feature in the album art.

Example #1:

Cat Power – “Good Woman”
Bad Religion – “American Jesus”
Neil Young – “Peace & Love”

Answer: All three feature Eddie Vedder on backing vocals.

Example #2:

Rod Stewart – “Maggie May”
Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive”
Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”

Answer: All three are #1 singles that were originally released as B-sides.

For more examples (and possible inspiration for ideas), here’s a link to a previous game:

Don’t worry about coming up with ideas that are too easy or too difficult, though the common link should be something interesting or clever (i.e. not they all feature drums, bass and guitar). Feel free to post hints as well.

Have fun posting and guessing!