Long-Form Political Discussion #2: The Fourth Estate

We’re on week #2 of our experimental post for high-quality (or at least, you know, medium-quality) political discussion, emphasizing longer posts with historical context, statistics, and fact-based evidence.

This week’s topic: Political Journalism in the Age of Trump

How well equipped are media outlets to cover Donald Trump, white supremacy, and other shifts in the political landscape? Who’s doing a good job? Who’s not? What should they be doing differently?

Note #1: This is still a GIF/graphic/social media embed-free zone.

Note #2: For purposes of encouraging discussion, try to stay away from posts that are just complaints about specific people. Mentioning them to illustrate a deeper point is fine! Example:

No: “Maggie Haberman fucking sucks.”
Yes: “A major issue is the New York Times’ commitment to “both sides”-ing things that aren’t equivalent. Maggie Haberman is a frequent offender.”