The Fashion Club Looks Ahead (8/15)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Avocado Fashion Club, where you can read about style and fashion trends for all gender expressions, browse a selection of runway collections, and chat about style, accessories and more with your fellow Avocados.

Now that we’re midway through August and with fall around the corner, this week’s edition looks at clothing suitable for the movement from summer to autumn, while also presenting outfit ideas for the last few weeks of the season.

In the Look Book, we consider some of the street style and accessories trends that have emerged from the most recent Copenhagen Fashion Week, as well as outfit ideas for the last few weeks of the summer season. (Contrary to Sam Wolfson’s article about hats in the Guardian, I think that baseball caps and beanies are still very much wearable by men over the age of 25.) An avant-garde collection by Nei Kimokiya closes out this edition.

Settle in, and enjoy!



Stripes have proven to be season-agnostic, but they are still pretty helpful when it’s time to transition other parts of your wardrobe from summer to fall, or winter to spring. A striped top looks just as good with a floral skirt when it’s warm as it does layered under a sweater or a chambray button-down when it cools down.

For anyone wishing to live and shop in the here and now while dodging the sale rails, I’d argue that this is the time to build up your basics. While August is a bit of a “nothing” month where the fancy new trends are concerned, it’s the perfect time to return to the simple things in life. 


Articles on clothes and accessories for all your street style inspiration and needs. 

Constructed and hand-painted in Valencia, Spain—a city with a long history of fan-making—Fern was launched one year ago by friends Daisy Hoppen, a London-based fashion publicist, and Amanda Borberg, a textile designer in Copenhagen. The collection features a range of colorful designs, from pink cherry blossoms to purple polka dots, as well as monochrome color options. “I have always loved a traditional hand fan,” Hoppen explains, when asked why she chose to design this particular accessory. “We spent our summers in Majorca, and all of the ladies there, young and old, were always carrying their fans. Some were ornate and had lace or floral designs, while other were simple and made from wood and cotton.”

While the style seen on the streets of Copenhagen didn’t disappoint — take note, dig out your Havaianas, and pair with printed dresses — what we’re really getting excited about is the pieces we saw in the spring/summer 2019 collections. From the new hue of choice (it’s more wearable than you think), to functional fashion made for summers in the wilderness, the micro-trends that came out of the show schedule will have you planning next spring’s wardrobe in no time.

We’re in the summer that keeps on giving, and it’s far from over yet. But with the heat showing no sign of abating, have you prepped for the remainder of your warm-weather social calendar?

I’m 28, so on the verge of no longer being able to wear baseball caps and beanies. I would love to graduate to a smarter hat, but every time I try one on – for a wedding, for example – I feel like the sort of person who takes a guitar to the beach.


Some of the collections that caught my eye this week.


The sculptural creations are made of shiny nylon, which for Ninomiya represents the most idiosyncratic material of the house. Leather and knitted yarn join the nylon. For certain pieces, duvet-stuffed tubes are braided as knitwear. The surface of the puffer jackets evoke flower fields or quilted French bedspreads. The pleated, gathered or quilted skirts — whether in nylon or leather — evoke giant bells.

And finally, this week’s bonus question: What is your ideal outfit for the period between summer and fall?