Werewolf 68: The Clonus Horror, Day Seven

Vidalia America rushed to the parking garage where she was to meet her contact, who had promised information on one of the leaders of the Activists, at long last. She’d briefly considered bringing along one of the other summit participants, someone she could trust, but really, who could trust anyone these days? Besides, this was her scoop! She spotted an indistinct figure waiting for her in the shadows and quickened her pace, her heels echoing in the empty garage. The figure stepped into the light, and she gasped. “You!” “Me,” replied the Activist agreeably. “But more importantly, look behind you.” Vidalia whirled, but it was too late; “Fore!” her murderer sang cheerfully, lodging the blade of a very expensive putter into the intrepid reporter’s skull.

Lamb Dance / Vidalia America is dead. (S)He was the Status Quo Reporter and a Prime.


  • Primary Factions
    • 4 Status Quo, or SQ (Town)
      • 3 Vanilla SQ
      • 1 SQ Bodyguard
      • 1 SQ Reporter
      • 1 SQ Printer
    • 3 Activists (Wolves)
      • 2 Vanilla Activists
      • 1 Activist Bodyguard (Jailkeeper)
      • 1 Activist Reporter (False Investigator)
    • 1 Disgruntled Scientist, Dr. Jameson (Serial Killer, or SK)
  • Secondary Factions
    • 3 Primes
    • 2 Demesnes

Status Quo (Town) Roles

Vanilla Status Quo (Vanilla Town)
Their only power is their vote.

Status Quo Bodyguard (Town Jailkeeper)
The SQ Bodyguard can guard one player each night. The guarded player cannot be affected by a night action and cannot use a night action (if any). The SQ Bodyguard cannot guard themselves and cannot guard the same person two nights in a row.

Status Quo Reporter (Town Investigator)
The SQ Reporter can ask their sources for information on one player per night. The investigation will return a result of [Activist] / [Status Quo] or [unpaired] / [Prime] / [Demesne] (note that Activists and Status Quo members can be unpaired, Prime, or Demesne; Dr. Jameson will always return a result of [Status Quo], even if recruited by the Activists). The SQ Reporter can investigate the same person two nights in a row (results may vary).

Status Quo Printer (Town Recruiter)
The SQ Printer can make 3D-printed guns. Each day, the SQ printer can gift a one-shot pistol to a player of their choosing. The printer cannot gift a gun to themselves, and the printer cannot gift a gun to the same player two days in a row. A player with an unused gun cannot be gifted another gun. Each gun has a 0% – 100% chance of backfiring (killing the user rather than the target). Starting Day 4, the SQ Printer will know each new gun’s chance of backfiring and can deliver a note with each gun; the gun and note will be all that the recipient receives. The new SQ Printer has all the previous SQ Printer’s info.

Activist (Wolf) Roles

Vanilla Activists (Vanilla Wolves)
Vanilla Activists have no additional power beyond the nightly Wolf kill.

Activist Bodyguard (Wolf Jailkeeper)
The Activist Bodyguard can guard one player each night. The guarded player cannot be affected by a night action and cannot use a night action (if any). The Activist Bodyguard cannot guard themselves and cannot guard the same person two nights in a row.

Activist Reporter (Wolf False Investigator)
The Activist Reporter can falsify an investigation result on a specific player (including themselves) each night. If the SQ Reporter or their target is targeted by the Activist Reporter, the report received by the SQ Reporter will be a lie. The Activist Reporter will know if a false report went through but not the contents of the false report. The Activist Reporter cannot target the same player two nights in a row.

Other Roles

Primes are original humans with clones (Demesnes) at the summit. If a Prime is killed (day or night), their Demesne, if still alive and present, dies instead.

Demesnes are clones of original humans (Primes) at the summit. If a Demesne’s Prime is killed (day or night), and the Demesne is still alive, the Demesne will die instead. Demesnes can attempt to preemptively kill their Prime at night if they want. There will be a 30% chance of tripping an alarm, causing the clone to flee. The alarm will definitely be tripped if the Prime is guarded the night the Demesne attempts the kill. A fled Demesne is in hiding and out of the game. However, if a fled Demesne’s Prime is killed, the Prime dies (with no clone to harvest), and the Demesne returns to the game.


Each Prime/Demesne pair shares a QT. They are told nothing about each other except who is the Prime and who is the Demesne. Primes and Demesnes can be of any primary faction, in any pairing (it’s all RNG [random]).

Players’ factions and roles will only be revealed by the moderator upon their deaths. Faction numbers will be updated daily (fleeing will not affect faction numbers).

Post a minimum of three comments to the OT per game-day (preferably more). Failure to meet the minimum participation requirement will cause a player to be mod-killed or replaced. We do have backup players, so if you find that you don’t have the time or inclination to play after all, no worries! Just say so.

Vote for the daily lynch candidate by replying to the very first comment (sort by oldest), appropriately titled Vote Thread. To change or withdraw your vote, simply post another reply to the Vote Thread. Do not edit or delete any vote. Only votes posted as a direct reply to the official Vote Thread will count.

Do not edit posts, ever, even if you made a grammatical error that is haunting you. Rather, read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing posts may get you mod-killed or replaced.

Do not quote or post a screenshot from a QT to the Open Thread (OT) or a shared QT while the game is ongoing. You are free to make claims about your powers, roles, factions, etc., on the OT and/or in shared QTs, but those claims will not be confirmed or denied by the moderator.

Do not discuss game specifics with other players outside of the OT or shared QTs. It’s okay to talk very generally about the game or even nudge an absentee player outside of the game, but that’s it.

Do not make gameplay-related comments on the OT after Twilight or once dead (dead players should also refrain from commenting in shared QTs). Fled players may not comment on the OT or in shared QTs at all.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, you can ask them in your individual (private) QT. You are encouraged to ask questions about whatever comes to mind.

Attack arguments, not people. Players have different playing styles and prefer different levels of role play; be accommodating to them. Remember, it’s just a game; have fun, and try not to take it personally if you are mistrusted, accused, killed, or otherwise targeted. Even if players call you scum, they mean game-you, not real-you. Real-you is great.


April / clOwen1120 — SQ Bodyguard / unpaired
BannerThief / Laurens BannerCroft– Vanilla SQ / Prime
Captain Video / New Gorton’s Fisherman, Sailor: 76 to his friends– Vanilla SQ / unpaired
Creeper / French Italian Catalan Irish Pirate Jamaican Elon Musk
dw / Jackie Brown
E-Dog / Lefty
the god king snugglewumps / Six
Hayes / Cleopatra– SQ Printer #1 / Demesne
hohopossum / hohoBCCpossum– Vanilla SQ / Demesne
Hols / Ivanda Trump — Vanilla SQ / unpaired
InnDEEEEEEE…D / Marshal Commander CC-2224, “Cody” — Vanilla SQ / unpaired
Lamb Dance / Vidalia America — SQ Reporter / Prime
Lindsay / Zenon– Dr. Dick Jameson (SK) / unpaired
Lord Stoneheart / Hollowheart — Activist Reporter / unpaired
MacCrocodile / Emily — fled Night 4
moonstermash / [illegible nametag]
Spiny Creature / Crimes — Vanilla SQ / Demesne
spooky / Brad Bradson– Activist Propagandist / Vanilla Activist / unpaired
subsaharan / Ronald Taverner — Vanilla SQ / unpaired
A Winged Potato / Dr. Krieger – fled Night 2



Day Six ends at 3:00pm EST on Wednesday, August 15th, or if an auto-lynch (3 votes for the same player) is reached. 

Countdown to End of Day Seven

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