Date Night! Sunday Food Thread 8/12.

So last night my youngest stepson left for a few days away to visit a friend and it’s sort of a taste of empty-nesting for my wife and I. The first thing out of my mouth once we were alone was “Date night!” Since we’d eaten up most of the leftovers in the house she agreed. We both didn’t feel like getting dressed up or doing anything fancy so we went to our favorite local taqueria, the place where they come to our table right away with our drinks and don’t bother handing us menus. We enjoy each other’s company and that’s what counts, however I still remember our first date and the nervousness/giddyness I was feeling. I took her to a place I’d only read about (because I wasn’t nervous enough I had to pick an unknown place of course) and it turned out to be a winner. Enjoyed a great night out that was capped with a stop at a Middle Eastern tea house that was hosting some acoustic performances for the Queer-core fest that was happening that weekend.

Share your favorite first date meals, or disasters. Do you have a go-to for first dates? I did and stepped out of my usual for when I took my wife out on our first, I must’ve known she was special. Do you have a go-to when you’re asking someone out? What are your expectations when being courted? And most importantly, what are you eating this week?