The Toybox: Friday Edition

It’s been a while since I posted a Toybox (been busy, you see), but I figured I’d just go ahead and post it while I avoid working this morning (it is Friday after all).

The thread is open for any toy discussion, but one toy line I always wanted was a 1:18 scale sixties era Space Program toy line.  1:18 is what is commonly known as “Star Wars” scale (about 3 3/4″, which was what Kenner decided to scale the original toy line around because it worked for vehicles, and there was a gas shortage at the time of the line’s development).  This scale would lend itself to things like little astronauts that could have articulation, and produce nicely sized Mercury and Gemini capsules, and perhaps a deluxe Saturn V rocket set with removable command/service module, and lunar landing craft.  Maybe make a Soyuz capsule and a wee little Yuri Gagarin! And since the US is poised to conquer space with the Space Force, maybe we’ll finally get real life TIE Fighters or Colonial Marines!  All the nightmares of science fiction will become terrible reality!

Anyway, talk about action figures and toys in whatever way you’d like below.