Misconduct List

Just going to keep things simple

With MeToo going on, its hard to keep track of who has been accused of sexual misconduct or has committed violence against a woman, with it seeming like a new revelation constantly popping up of a famous individual. And certain industries like comics and video games its constantly under reported. Or if the accuser is a POC, it gets forgotten almost instantly. So to make things a bit easier, this is meant to keep track of who has been accused, of what, etc so to keep informed so we don’t unknowingly support a scumbag.



Some ground rules


*we are separating people by industry. If someone is involved in multiple industries, put them in the one they are most known for. Ex. David Bowie would be put into music, Kevin Spacey in film, Chris Hardwick into television, Bill Clinton and Trump under Politics, etc

*It doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive

*There will be a general discussion about an industry under the start of each thread

*I’m trying to make sure this is kept as organized as possible, so please try to follow this format for threads

-General Discussion

-Industry 1

—Person and what they are accused of 1, how it was handled, other details

—–Comments in regards to person accused

—Person and what they are accused of 2, how it was handled, other details

—–Comments in regards to person accused

—General Discussion about Industry 1

-Industry 2


and so on



*If you know of someone that has been accused but you don’t see their industry, feel free to start a thread about the industry in the given format


*for the love of god, unless you making a thread, do not comment outside of the threads. I don’t want this is to be like the politics or Daily Thread. There should be order.

*if you witnessed some of fame committing sexual misconduct but it hasn’t been reported in the news, still feel to mention it.