The Collectible Card Games Thread – Current Events Explosion

Welcome to the *CG thread, where we talk all manner of Card Games – Collectible, Trading, Living, and otherwise! Feel free to chat amongst yourselves about the card games you’re playing or anything card game-related that strikes your fancy.

This week I wanted to look at some of the new developments in the world of CCGs.

Magic’s 25th Anniversary
This past Sunday, August 5, was 25 years to the day of the release of Magic: the Gathering’s first, Alpha set.

Keyforge – the Unique Deck Game
Last week at GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games (makers of Android Netrunner) announced their new product, Keyforge. Keyforge is a “Unique Deck Game”, an evolution of the Living Card Game paradigm. In this Unique Deck Game, you don’t buy boosters, you buy an entire, randomized deck, with a unique card back. There is no deckbuilding component, you play the deck exactly as it comes with no changes. It’s an interesting concept – one that wasn’t feasible until recently with the rise of digital printing technology. It will definitely be a game to watch, as it’s an inherently risky concept – will the low barrier to entry be enough of a boon to overcome the unprecedented sales model and lack of customization?

Nerdy Web Developer News
In news where I might be the only one who cares, the Magic search engine Scryfall, is taking over, one of the original Magic search engines. I’m excited about this as a web developer because Scryfall is the Magic app that I had always wanted to build but never had the spare time to.

Artifact Release Data and Price Announced
Valve’s CCG, Artifact is coming out November 28th. To play, you’ll need to buy in at $19.99 for the starter pack, which will have two starter decks that are the same for everyone and a bunch of randomized boosters. Further boosters will have to be bought through Valve, and you can trade cards you open on the Steam market. This is the most similar that a digital game has been to having a paper market since Magic Online, which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on the playerbase and implementation.

Magic Players are Angry Again
This weekend was one of Magic’s big Pro Tour events, and the strong performance of a particular card has players up in arms and looking for torches and pitchforks. The card, Nexus of Fate was only available to players who bought a booster box from a game store – it was not available in any sealed product. This means that it’s pretty rare, and that rarity translates to a high price on the secondary market for anyone who wants to play the deck they saw do well on the Pro Tour. The deck itself is fairly fringe – it’s Turbo Fog, a deck that tries to draw the game out by preventing its opponent from making useful attacks – and fringe decks can often overperform at their first showing and then decline over time, so demand (and price) for Nexus may not stay as high as it is, but it’s a dangerous position for Wizards of the Coast to be in to have printed a card with such limited availability and have it show up at the highest levels of competitive play.

This week’s prompt: Are you planning on picking up any of the new games coming out this year?

Or, as always, feel free to talk about anything going on with you in the world of *CGs.