The Superhero Tournament- Knockout Round I (Part One)

After a competitive Group Stage, we have narrowed the field down to 128. First, let’s cover our bases with

Final Group Stage Results:

  • Group M: Aquaman looked briefly in trouble, but ultimately was able to swim past The Confessor, Clobberella, Isis, and Pepsi-Man.
  • Group N: Starfire beat out Batmanuel, Jay Garrick, Tabitha Smith, and Red Bee.
  • Group O: This was going to be a heart breaker whatever way you sliced it, but ultimately Terry Mcginnis and Jessica Cruz were able to squeeze by a vote past Hulkling. Also out: Elongated Man, Winged Victory (and so ending hope for Astro City fans), and Super Goof
  • Group P: The largest gap between 8th and 9th place we saw in the Group Stage, Darkwing Duck easily made it past Namor, Jack Knight, Gizmoduck, and Zauriel. 

Now that the Group Stage is over, the rules are simple. It’s a straight forward bracket, win or go home. I am posting the first half of this tournament round below, and you will have about a day to vote on them. I have seeded the characters based on upvotes in the Group Stage, though I did essentially curve the upvotes to try to account for fluctuating activity levels throughout the week. You can see the full bracket here.

Notes on the Field

  • Your pro-Marvel bias was evident, as Marvel brand characters got 64 entries into the tournament to DC’s 44. Outside of Marvel/DC, there were 9 Cartoon characters, 5 characters originating from other comic publishers, 3 Incredibles characters, 2 Live-Action TV characters (including a Muppet), and 1 early pulp figure.
  • There 86 Male characters to 42 female characters, so essentially a 2:1 ratio.
  • Donatello is the only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Bubbles is the only Powerpuff Girl, and Rorschah the only Watchmen character. We have the Wasp but no Ant-Man. Cyborg is the only one of the main Teen Titans Cast who didn’t qualify (and arguably the most prominent Justice League member absent, if we want to add insult to injury.)
  • By my count we have 2 Ducks, 3 Hulks, 3 Thors, 3 carriers of the Flash mantle, 3 Simpsons characters, 4 Green Lanterns, 4 members of the Spider-Family, 5 Captain America’s, 6 Superman Adjacent figures, 9 members of the Bat-Family (including three in the Top 10 Seeds), and 18 X-Men.