The Monday Politics Thread Repeats Itself

Today on the Politics Thread I’d like to talk about clams. Sex clams. They can be a serious problem if you don’t scroll before you post. You see some months back when Roy Moore was still news a paper misprinted “sex claims” as “sex clams” and the PT couldn’t get enough of it. It was posted and reposted and re-re-re-re-re-reposted until it was an annoyance and had to be called to a stop. Ever since that day the Politics Thread has fallen victim to sex clams, when a subject gets posted so often that we’ve all seen it and know about it and are sick of it and we must call Sex Clams once again. So stay safe and keep your clams to a minimum.

Remember to be best to your fellow Avocados, flag for rule breaking and don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel!