You Aren’t What You Don’t Eat. Sunday Food Thread 8/5.

What foods won’t you eat? Things you’ve tried and say “Never again,” and things you don’t even want anywhere near your plate. I am a semi-adventurous eater but really have no desire to try organ meats, I have had a bite of a brains taco and that was enough for me. Liver has such a strong aroma that I really wouldn’t want to taste it (that’s why they smother it in onions). Meats are definitely a little stranger to me than veggies, I’ll at least try pretty much any vegetable. I’m not too fond of shellfish either but will eat crab legs or a lobster tail once in a while. I think that’s a texture thing though as I really enjoy a good shellfish bisque. As a kid I was a picky eater and pretty much made it through grade school and high school alternating between PBJ and cheese sandwiches for lunch, my mother indulged my peccadilloes likely because she didn’t have the energy to argue with a brat. When I got to college I broadened my palate quite a bit, even tasting the fish stew the Korean guys down the hall in the dorm made one night. I’m glad I got over my pickiness but I know some of it lingers.

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