Shoeless Trivia: Seattle

For a change, the photos in today’s round are my own, from a visit to Seattle in 2015.

  1. The photo below was taken at a Seattle museum dedicated to the work of what artist?seattle1
  2. Name the fictional coffee shop frequented by Frasier and Niles Crane.
  3. What supergroup formed in 1990 as a tribute to Andrew Wood contained members of both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam?
  4. What is Seattle’s most popular tourist destination? Its name is redacted several times in the image below.seattle2
  5. What two-word cnidarian-inspired term did SNL’s Stefon use to describe the hairstyle sported by Marshawn Lynch when he played for the Seahawks?

  1. Dale Chihuly
  2. Cafe Nervosa
  3. Temple of the Dog
  4. Pike Place Market
  5. football jellyfish


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.