Shoeless Trivia: Robot / Dinosaurs

Full disclosure: I haven’t posted trivia this week because most of my free time has been spent playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Hence, this round.

  1. The word robot comes from the word robota, which means “forced labor” in what language. The word first appeared in a 1920 play by Karel Čapek, but it was actually Čapek’s brother Josef who coined it.
  2. In 2009 book How to Build a Dinosaur, paleontologist Jack Horner suggests that it might be possible to effectively resurrect certain dinosaurs by manipulating the genes in what specific extant animal?
  3. Name the robot seen below, who became the best friend to another science fiction hero about the same time Luke Skywalker was meeting C3PO and R2D2.robdino1
  4. “Feel The Pain” was a modest 1994 hit for what alt rock band led by J Mascis?
  5. What trait is shared by the space faring human and robot seen below? Both images have been redacted to obscure this trait.dinorobo2

  1. Czech
  2. chicken
  3. K-9
  4. Dinosaur Jr.
  5. made in Canada