Sports Corner – August 1

By the time you are reading this, everyone in MLB will have been traded for everyone else. Or that’s how it feels for a little while.  It’s certainly fun to watch, and sets up the last two months of the season well.  So really intriguing deals here.

But the deal that sent accused domestic abuser Roberto Osuna to the defending world champs left a very sour taste in my mouth. MLB’s overall attitude towards such issues might not be as awful as that of the NFL, but it still rankles me a lot that players suspended for domestic abuse are eligible for the playoffs. Alas, this is what SportsWorld (and the rest of the world) is like these days.

Feel free to discuss why your favorite baseball team won or loss the deadline, how the Jets blew it with Darnold, what it means that LeBron is hosting a talk show, when Pusilic should leave Dortmund for England, or whether there will be an NBA team in Vegas before there’s a new one in Seattle. Or bring your own topic.