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Hey, Kevzero here, I’m an amateur photographer based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I mostly take wildlife photo, but have been recently taking pictures of other things. This time,  EVERYTHING goes wrong!!!

A Majestic Humpback Whale breaches and I’m in the perfect postion660

Lead your target!10990053_10153199112285419_6254167443510698881_o

Umm.. Excuse me, you’re in my shot!2392

I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille10997019_10153203948660419_5626067671476898287_o

The Whale breaches again!31945593_10156320619555419_8284954156926500864_o

Still?!? Can you move out of the way, please?2398

My nephew, who’s lucky to still have ten fingers, thought it would be fun to touch the inside of my camera

Pictures 150


Nice and close(and note the reappearance of my nephew’s fingerprints)Pictures 1830

YOU AGAIN!!!  COME THE FUCK ON!!!… (screams like Sinistar)… RAAAAWWWR!2400.JPG


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This Week’s Topic: Let’s hear about when things go wrong

When I was just starting out with nature photography, I went to the beach to hopefully get some whale picture. There were lots of whales fairly close to the beach, and I took thousands upon thousands of what I thought were mostly good pictures. When I got home and put them on my computer, I apparently had the camera on a wrong setting and almost every picture was badly overexposed like this…Pictures 1163