Bootleg Corner Is Jamming With Kraftwerk

Hey Avocadoians, Kevzero here, welcome back to Bootleg Corner. A post dedicated to the semi-authorized records. Throughout the years I’ve amassed a rather large collection of bootleg CDs, vinyl, downloads, even the occasional cassette; from live recordings to outtake sessions. So I’ve decided to create a space here to occasionally review some them  for you, and a place for other fans of Recordings Of Indiscriminate oRigin(RIORs) to gather together. This week let’s Krautrock the party with Kraftwerk 

This Week:

 Kraftwerk. Gondel Kino, Bremen Germany June 25th, 1971 (Vinyl)

Label: East/West (P.R. China) 2014


Track List:

Side One.

  1. Heavy Metal Kids (7:53)
  2. Stratovarius (15:35)

Side Two. 

  1. Ruckzuck (19:02)

Liner Notes: None


Before they become electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk were a more traditional Krautrock band. This is a mix of members of Kraftwerk and what would become  Neu performing on German radio 

Performance: A

  This is a great jammed out improvised  instrumental performance from the band. It’s definitely guitar heavy, but there are lots of flourishes of flute and electronics mixed in. All in all  it’s a great performance 

 Recording: A-

This is a professionally recorded radio broadcast 


 All three songs. This is a great live Krautrock record on its own.

Lowlights:… that aren’t really that low.

 The record is only three, albeit longish, songs. Not bad per se, but it makes it kinda hard to justify the $25ish price tag. I think there’s more to the actual performance than is on this record

 There’s no track listing on the actual record and the swirly green vinyl makes it hard to determine what side is what.

Recommended… Yes, if you’re  a fan of Kraftwerk’s electronic music  and want to get into their early music or just of Krautrock in general, I highly recommend seeking this record out.

This week optional discussion: Have you picked up any good bootlegs recently?

Next Time… R.E.M. take over the Florida airwaves