The Leftovers. Sunday Food Thread 7/29

Hey there! What’s you’re opinion on leftovers? I for one gladly graze the fridge for remnants of past repasts, just had some cold pizza for breakfast. I know some folks never touch leftovers and while I have my preferences for which foods don’t hold up as well later I could never generalize that to nothing’s worth eating a second time. In fact some foods are even better in leftover mode. I’ve made a meatloaf with the sole intention of eating it later (fried on a sandwich is my favorite preparation) and a frittata can be lunch for a week. A friend who used to work Renaissance fairs says the turkey legs are much better cold the next day. Occasionally things do get forgotten only to be found later and have to be dealt with, the combination of disgust and disappointment when I’m tossing those almost brings a tear to my eye.  Some things work just as they are, the above mentioned sandwiches, pizza and lasagna to name a few. Some lend themselves well to repurposing like using old rice to make fried rice out of other leftovers, or just combining some like the plate in the header. What’s in your fridge!