Day Day Day Day Thread HO!

I just inherited this Day Thread last night, and I’ve got nothing, so here you go, the 1985 Thundercats, ranked from worst to best.

#7. Snarf


Look, I feel bad for Snarf, I do. Being the defunct caregiver to a 12-year-old lion-boy in a lion-man’s body can’t be easy. He’s still annoying as fuck though.

#6. WilyKat


Meh. Even as a little kid, I knew WileyKat and Wiley Kit mostly existed to get into trouble and require rescuing.

#5. WileyKit


She’s a little more fun than WileyKat and lacks his absurd sideburns, so she outranks him. Plus, check out that rad 80s armband and off-the-shoulder tunic. Stylin’.

#4. Lion-O


His backstory’s actually kinda neat (prepubescent child-lion prematurely aged during space travel). Unfortunately, he’s still a 12 year old at heart, and a bit of a twerp. Plus his sword does all the work . . . growing progressively bigger between his clenched fists as he shouts, “Ho!” Oh dear.

#3. Tygra


Tygra’s pretty cool (remember that one time he tripped balls?). He’s just not as cool as the next two.

#2. Panthro


Panthro should probably be #1 — badass fighter dressed like a Road Warrior extra who drives around in a tank he built himself? GOAT. — but no self-respecting 80s girl puts Panthro in the top spot when there’s . . .

#1. Cheetara


Life. Goals.

Honorable Mentions

Oh hey, the Warrior Maidens. They were cool.


Synth-organic robot bears? Sure. Why not?


A dude in a mechanical frog suit protecting the plug at the bottom of the ocean? God 80s cartoons were weird.


Anyway, have a Day Thread beyond Day Thread, everyone!