The Ultimate Superhero Tournament- Nominations

These tournament things are fun, eh? How about another one- to determine the favorite superhero of the Avocado Commenteriat!


  • What counts as a superhero? It counts if I’ll allow it… but I’ll generally follow a guideline suggested by Eternalflesh of it’s a superhero if it was “written with the knowledge and intention to be associated with superheroes. (With some grandfathering on of the super old classics like Supes/Bats etc that defined the genre).”
  • This a supehero tournament, not a supervillain tournament (maybe that’ll come later?)- but I’ll allow characters who waver between sides and or are morally grey enough.
  • In general, you can’t nominate more than one version of the same character, unless the character has diverged strongly enough from their inspiration as to be seen as a distinctive entity. Example: Adam West’s Batman and Christian Bale’s Batman are fundamentally the same figure as Bob Kane’s Batman. But Gwenpool, despite being modeled off Gwen Stacy, has diverged to become a separate figure. And, of course, different people who have worn the same mantle are separate characters (eg Miles Morales is separate from Peter Parker).

So go ahead and start nominating characters below and upvoting your favorites to determine who’s in for the next stage!

I expect to post round one on Monday, so you should have through the weekend to nominate and vote.