The Contras: I Owe You Nothing!

In this occasional post, I will strive to present an opinion that while certainly not unique to me, is nonetheless counter to the general feelings on the subject- The goal of course being the ongoing discussion more than my poor rationalizations.

Movie and T.V. show writers, producers and directors owe nothing to the fans of the books they take their stories from.  I want to be entertained by what I watch on television or in the movie theaters.  If there is a novel or series of novels that can be made into enjoyable visual media while remaining faithful to the underlying books; GOT, The Expanse – then fantastic.  If you can take a terrible book and make great visual media out of it; The Godfather, Jaws – then even better.  Or you can take the book and take the stuff you like, and disregard the stuff you don’t; The Shining – then good for you.  I get so sick of this “faithfulness” discussion, John Carter was faithful to the book, and it was a terrible piece of garbage; Dr. Strangelove had almost nothing to do with the book (a Kubrick staple it seems) yet is still one of the best movies ever made.  I’m glad you liked the book, I really am – but I’m watching a movie or a T.V. show and I want it to be good first and faithful only if it makes it good.  Was there a TV show or movie that wasn’t faithful to a book you adored but you liked the movie anyway? I dare you to say Watchmen.