The Monday Politics Thread Pulls the Sweater

It’s not that the Monday Politics Thread is paranoid. No, there really are a ton of shady things all connected to each other and to money and to elections and to Russia and it goes all the way to the President of the United States! Keep pulling the sweater, fellow Avoacados, and eventually the whole thing will unravel.

While we’re waiting on that though you might consider being best to each other, keeping the sex clams to a minimum and don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel!

Also, on a more serious note than usual, if people here ask you to tone something down or retire a tired, hurtful joke it’s okay to walk away and it’s okay to be upset. But doubling down generally doesn’t help your case. We’ve had some really in depth threads in this community about making it a better place for everyone and one of the biggest components to come out of it was listening to other posters not just dismissing their concerns out of hand. Thank you for keeping that in mind, you may now get to making jokes where you ask “why models” and lamenting the state of the world.