Scott OT #112: The Night Thread of Rose Hobart (7/23)

In the mid-thirties, surrealist artist and occasional director Joseph Cornell came across a 16mm print of the 1931 film East of Borneo in a junk shop.

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He watched it with his brother a lot but, feeling that it was a bit too long, he cut it down. He also grew obsessed with the lead actress Rose Hobart. Eventually, he cut the film down to just scenes with her. This new film was Rose Hobart, one of the most famous surrealist films ever (and the first ever fanvid).

The new film was screened at Julien Levy’s New York City art gallery but the screening was never completed. Salvador Dali was in attendance but he grew enraged halfway through and knocked over the projector. He had the same idea as Cornell had, to take a film and just edit it down to just scenes of an actor in it. He was convinced that Cornell stole the idea from his subconscious.

After that, Cornell never publicly screened the film until the sixties, when avant-garde director Jonas Mekas convinced him to screen it again. Rose Hobart eventually gained fame and is now considered to be among the best avant-garde/surrealist films. It was preserved in the Library of Congress and has made They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They’s top 1,000 numerous times.

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