The Day Thread will just have to ADJUUUUUU-UUUU-UUUU-UUUU-UUUU-UUUU-UUUU

This is the fourth in a series of headers about my all-time favorite albums.


People say that you’ll die

Faster than without water

But we know it’s just a lie

Scare your son, scare your daughter

My seventh-favorite album is Funeral by Arcade Fire. In their debut full-length, this now-legendary indie band made a massive splash in the music world. It’s one of the most grand-sounding rock albums of all time, coming off like it was meant to be played in stadiums, which is especially impressive considering it was mostly recorded in an apartment. It’s full of emotionally massive stories about growing up and facing your mortality and putting away childish things, and it’s absolutely wonderful.