Movie Reviews Mama Mia Here We Go Again 2018

Mama Mia Here We Go Again is a movie in 2018 about a woman who slept with a young Pearse Brosnan.
They all sing these songs about it and he got her pregnant.
Now her daughter is opening a hotel in France and she is worried that an old Pearse Brosnan won’t visit I think.

Also is the life of a young Dame Judi Dench I think who isn’t in this one but meets some men including a young Pearse Brosnan and has sex with them.

The songs are very good because they are all Disco Hits Of The Seventies.
I would recommend Mama Mia Here We Go Again to anyone of all ages who enjoys a fast paced musical where a young Pearse Brosnan gets someone pregnant and there is a song on a boat.

5 out of 5 stars.