Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jul. 20

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jul. 20 – Today’s contestants are:

– Dave, a director of technology from Pennsylvania, whose Twitter account covers odd NFL odds;
– Emily, a consultant from Georgia, won $250 with her essay about Watson; and
– Ryan, a student from Washington state, was fortunate his phone number didn’t come up as a Quiz Bowl question. Ryan is a seven-day champ with winnings of $156,497.

Alex twice reminded us how great Ryan is in DJ, so naturally Dave completely dominated the round as he coasted to a runaway at $26,200 vs. $6,000 for Ryan and $4,000 for Emily.

DD1 – HISTORY IN EUROPE – A September 5, 1793 French decree officially started this; it lasted just under a year (Ryan lost $4,000 on a true DD – if he had been correct on this he probably would have had enough to win the game.)

DD2 – RIVERS – Follow all 3,900 miles of China’s Yangtze River to the sea and you’ll wind up in this metropolis (Ryan won $2,800 on a true DD.)

DD3 – LANGUAGE – The best way to find Belize’s Mennonites is to look for modestly dressed blond people and listen for this language (Dave won $3,000)

FJ – FUTURISTIC FICTION – Fear of the social reorganization represented by an auto tycoon’s innovations inspired this 1932 novel

Dave was the only player to miss FJ but he didn’t bet anything, winning with $26,200.

Missing the layup: For a clue about baseball’s defensive award, after Dave was incorrect with “Golden Glove”, his opponents couldn’t come up with “Gold Glove”.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is the Reign of Terror?
DD2 – What is Shanghai?
DD3 – What is German?
FJ – What is “Brave New World”?